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Thanks to episode sponsors Signalsounds! // This month we welcome the wonderful geek pairing that is Transistor Sounds Labs, formed of partners Nina Richards and Zoe Blade. Like Abstract Data, 'TSL' is another fantastic example of this cottage industry of synthesis companies. Their 303-inspired Stepper Acid module is most definitely an indie hit, and continues to be built by hand, in the UK, in their garage and home in sunny Stoke. Despite its humble beginnings, users include Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

In this episode we talk about this, and more. We discuss the process of how you make a module independently, how they arrived at the final design. We discuss inspiration, music making, programming, and touch on the ongoing problems of female representation and marginalisation in the music technology industry, and what needs to change.

303's at the ready folks, and let's have a listen.

Check out their Stepper Acid and more at: Transistorsoundslabs
Find them on twitter: Twitter

Buy Eurorack and other fine kit from episode sponsors Signal Sounds: Signalsounds (Tell 'em we sent you)

More Podcasts at: Whywebleep

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