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Track Listening Technique Melody Analogue Duophonic Laptop Technique Minilogue Prhizzm Synthesizer
Analogue, Listening, Technique, Track, Laptop
What's a one-night track? The infinite options with modern laptop music production don't pair well with perfectionist tendencies, in my experience. Hours spent agonizing over details sap away the emotional rush of a beautiful melody. So as a new training regimen, I'm forcing myself to complete some portion of songs in a single sitting. These are necessarily simple technical compositions, and simplicity can be rewarding. Trust your ears and stay humble. 3 tracks, modest post-processing.
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Prhizzm, Duophonic, Listening, Minilogue, Track
Some days, you just need to come home, sit down with a synthesizer and tap out some feelings. A wistful little melody for today: listening Track minilogue duophonic
farshore - Soundcloud
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Ochre: Lovely stuff.
exitonly: really like this. theres definitely some BOC vibes in here but then the glides remind me a lot of Planetarium by squarepusher. nonetheless very original and emotive melody!
reehc: Sounds great