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This is very interesting and I enjoyed it. Can you explain it bit more about the process how you made this? It appears that much of the imagery is fractal flames. Did you use Apophysis?

What was the relationship between the music and imagery? Were they composed in tandem?

Sep 2016

Hi and thank you for your interest. This video is the result of experimentations in the field of video feedback. I gathered some AV equipement in a venue and spent some time shooting sequences in a two videoprojectors setup. One was in front of the rear-projection screen, the other one in the back. I would project video textures I had made in PureData, film these projections with a DSLR and shoot the result back to the screen, thus creating a feedback loop. I toyed around until I understood the process and was able to create a visual vocabulary out of it. I selected the best sequences and cut this video out of them. I started the work on audio after the visuals were ready and almost final. I decided to involve Jan Erik Syversen, a musician from Norway I met just before that project. We worked closely together on the soundtrack, sending each other files until we considered ourselves done. It's been a very enthusiastic project for both of us and we'll be back soon with audio tracks.

Sep 2016
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