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What synth?

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MS20 or Monologue or Nord Drum 2 or Nord Lead 2?

Or finally bite the eurorack bullet and get a Shelves and a Cloud Terrarium?

6 157 Sep 8


bogdan avatar

license! Hey - welcome back. What are your thoughts on the Moog Mother 32? No shortage of choices, so many considerations - what are yours?

Sep 8

Hey thanks bogdan Good to be back!

The Mother32 isn't doing it for me, for some reason! I would rather have an 0-coast than that actually. It sounds really cool, it's just not grabbing me for whatever reason. I bet I could get a lot of utility out of it. It's probably the mature choice.

Well, I've been buying up all this battery powered stuff, especially from Bastl. Their stuff is just adorable. The Dude is a real champ, and the Bitranger is just bonkers and unruly, great for messing up clocks but also capable of some tasty but unruly SID/gameboy type squares and noises and I just love it. I have no idea how to work it into a track or even a live set, but I've done some fun jams with that and the volcas & POs. It's just an insipiring little thing. That said I don't like the Kastle much, but it is a nice little auxiliary LFO so I might keep it around as a partner to the Microbrute until I get something a bit beefier.

I'm also doing some pretty hardcore MIDI nerdery lately that might end up turning into an app. Maybe more on that later if I ever finish the thing (2+ years, 10+ rewrites in 5 languages and counting). So part of me says, go with what you know, become the ultimate MIDI nerd. Get that Monologue SysEx spec from Korg, or just get a synth that has some great MIDI spec and make it dance. Or, you know, just build something for one of my numerous MIDI synths.

OR... indulge the CV side I've been dipping my toes into. The MS20 doesn't play nice with v/Oct gear... but do I really care because the only thing I have right now that really speaks V/Oct is the Microbrute. It's more about triggers and clocks and LFOs filtering anyway. And there's just so much to play with in that little thing.

What I do know: I like fairly compact but very hands-on stuff. I'm kind of burnt out on menu diving and that whole digital vibe from the Elektrons (OT & MnM). I have enough samplers to last me probably the rest of my life. Analog stuff is cool... I don't feel like I've properly lived out my analog phase and right now I do feel like I'm responding to that kind of sound. Multitimbrality and practicality is cool but only as long as it doesn't hamper usability or FUN. FUN is #1 - let's face it, I'll probably never finish an album, I'm just doing this because I enjoy it. Oh, also. I really like the idea of having 2 oscillators. It's probably 1 of only about 2 or 3 things (2nd envelope/LFO, noise generator) I think the Microbrute is missing. Just to be able to play chords, get some of that sweet beating action going, etc. And I still think battery power is cool but it's kind of losing its novelty for me, I think I only have enough room in my heart for one more volca (keys, bass, or kick). But that Soft Pop does look cool....

TL;DR I'm insane but indulge me anyway.

4 Sep 8
bogdan avatar

@license you touch on a lot of important points that have kept me away from hardware from so long, the mess of sync methods and tiny menu systems being the worst culprits. I share your sentiment about the Bastl love, and doubly agree on the BitRanger (and similarly about the Kastl) - love playing with them, but it's its own beast and a challenge to incorporate into other things. It's a wonderful sound generator, which begs the question - isn't that enough?

I see so many 0-coast vids out there, there has to be something wonderful about it, but I have yet to play with one. Curious to hear what route you go! Share some squiggles when you get a chance, would be good to hear what's bouncing around your room these days.

Sep 8

@bogdan Hey, sorry, somehow didn't see the notification! Yeah hardware is such a mess, and it's definitely a love/hate relationship but I'm a hopeless addict. I do love how the BitRanger seems to want to integrate with other things but at the same time it has its own strange internal logic.

Sep 18

@bogdan Oops, hit enter too soon. Anyway I've made up my mind - monologue it is! Big things are, I love the sounds I hear out of it and it just looks like a ton of fun. I've read a lot of glowing reviews and very little bad and I'm excited to have something I can bring to a coffee shop (it runs on batteries!) or curl up with. Also something about the weather changing to fall gets me out of the rats-nest-of-wires mood and more into just grabbing 1 or 2 pieces of gear and hunkering down and exploring their surface area. I'll try to post some tunes when I get around to uploading some more

Sep 18
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